Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Assessments Ughhh!

     So today I had to go to a training on a new assessment that I will be using next year.  The program is called Teaching Strategies with Creative Curriculum.  Has anyone else used this program to assess their children?  This is a pilot year and we received grant money to do this program.  The one perk that I have actually noticed is that we will be getting a scanner, digital camera, and a notebook computer.  However, that clearly means that we will be documenting, documenting, all the time. I suggested that we get IPAD's because it can do all those things, but they weren't having it, now we have to have more pieces to make it work.  
     Upon entering Kindergarten we will be using the Dial 4 (speed) with no training we were told to get the manual and read up on it. (BOOO) I am curious as to what others use for an assessment in Kindergarten?  Have anyone used either of these programs and what are the pros and cons?

Also I am looking to build up my network so please follow my blog, even if you do not teach kindergarten we can still share ideas.  I also will have ideas on first and fifth grade since those are the grades my children will be entering in September.



  1. Hi Holly - Thanks for following my blog!! I'm excited to get started with the new year and share ideas between our blogs. - Shelly (http://blueberryblu.blogspot.com)

  2. Thanks Shellyo I look forward to hearing from you!