Sunday, January 27, 2013

These next pictures are of the students with their book exchange book.  Students came to school with a gently used or new book in wrapping paper and then they picked a number out of a hat and got to choose a book (like a Yankee Swap).  There was only one little one that was a little upset, it broke my heart too.  Can you tell which one?

Here's Mrs. Twomey in her ornament costume for our holiday show!  She is so festive~

                                         Getting ready to sing on stage to all of our guests!

Photos of all the students ready for the big show.  These hats were inspired by a pinterest find with a little change.  Slide1.JPG.  These hats were a cute idea however they didn't stay on very well and we had to bring the stapler with us to the auditorium.  BOO! 
Here is another pinterest idea I created to ask daily questions.  However it is more like weekly questions.

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