Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I am sharing some of the winter activities that we have tried this year!  Most ideas were found on pinterest some changes were made with some.

Above students counted out the letters in their name and then added one more for the face, which is one of the common core standards.  Students wrote one letter on each snowball.

Here is a winter hat activity!  Students used crayons, cray pas, and cotton balls.  Super easy and cute.  The children loved this activity.

I modeled how to draw a side profile of a snowman.  Children used blue paper and cray pas.  They did a great job!

This area is in the back of the classroom next to the cubbies.  We created pictures of bears hibernating and we created winter trees.  Before we did these activities we learned about how plants and animals change in the winter.

Monday, January 28, 2013

When we learned about Martin Luther King JR.  I modeled how to draw MLK with Mrs. Miners Lets Draw.  It can be found here.  Thank you for you freebie.  FREE-Martin-Luther-King-Directed-Drawing

Coloring Outside The Lines  inspired this bulletin board.  Thank you for your creative idea.

As I was picking my son up from basketball practice, I noticed they had created addition equations with chain links.  I thought this was cute and brought it back to my own classroom.  The students created their own equations.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

These next pictures are of the students with their book exchange book.  Students came to school with a gently used or new book in wrapping paper and then they picked a number out of a hat and got to choose a book (like a Yankee Swap).  There was only one little one that was a little upset, it broke my heart too.  Can you tell which one?

Here's Mrs. Twomey in her ornament costume for our holiday show!  She is so festive~

                                         Getting ready to sing on stage to all of our guests!

Photos of all the students ready for the big show.  These hats were inspired by a pinterest find with a little change.  Slide1.JPG.  These hats were a cute idea however they didn't stay on very well and we had to bring the stapler with us to the auditorium.  BOO!

Here is another pinterest idea I created to ask daily questions.  However it is more like weekly questions.

Here students are acting out the five little monkeys.  They are so cute notice that they are using the phrase broke his head. LOL!

In our district we have the FOSS Science Curriculum.  Here the students are building the understanding the wood can change shapes.  They are using sandpaper.

 When we began our unit on subtraction, we started with the songs (five green speckled frogs, five little monkeys, and 5 little ducks).  This is a product of one of our math center activities.  The children loved reciting and acting out the story.

Here the students are using the five little monkeys stick puppets to act out the song.  Little did they know that they were practicing subtraction.
Here students are divided into groups based on their answer from a math questions.  This was a great moment prior to this day students were just picking an answer because they liked the answer and they couldn't give a real reason why they choose the answer.  However on this particular day only four students choose the incorrect answer and three of them afterwards changed their minds after listening to the others discuss why they chose a their answer.


I am not sure how all these wonderful bloggers keep up with everything they have going on in their life.  I am finally able to say that I am caught up.  All of my parents have finally signed the waiver either giving permission or not to have them on the blog.  I will finally be posting pictures of things that have been going on in my classroom.

Over the past few months, I have become more familiar with the common core and have decided that I like that we are expecting our students to become masters as opposed to just being exposed to different concepts.

Our district is also going through the new evaluation process and it is not that great.  Administration can come in on any day without any warning,  which is great, however I swear it is always on the day that I am having a bad lol!  I have now been evaluated 6 times and that was before the vacation break.  Are any of you going through the evaluation process like our district?  Let me know what you think.

Also we are about to go to extended days next year and I am a bit scared as to what the future holds for us.