Sunday, September 9, 2012

          Let's just say life has been a little hectic lately since the beginning of school! We started school on the 23 so I have been in school for a full two weeks.  My students started after kindergarten screening on the 4th. I have 25 new cherubs in my classroom with numbers still growing. I have 17 girls and 8 boys is anyone else having a girl year!  Please tell me how many students you have and is it full day or 1/2 day kindergarten.  This is true across all 3 kindergartens in the building. 

I just wanted to share a little with you and leave you with some before pictures of my classroom and promise to update with the finished classroom soon!  
Oh yeah, note to self I have to remember to take pictures before beginning a project I had already worked in my room for an hour before I remembered to take pictures.

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