Sunday, January 27, 2013

In our district we have the FOSS Science Curriculum.  Here the students are building the understanding the wood can change shapes.  They are using sandpaper.

 When we began our unit on subtraction, we started with the songs (five green speckled frogs, five little monkeys, and 5 little ducks).  This is a product of one of our math center activities.  The children loved reciting and acting out the story.

Here the students are using the five little monkeys stick puppets to act out the song.  Little did they know that they were practicing subtraction.
Here students are divided into groups based on their answer from a math questions.  This was a great moment prior to this day students were just picking an answer because they liked the answer and they couldn't give a real reason why they choose the answer.  However on this particular day only four students choose the incorrect answer and three of them afterwards changed their minds after listening to the others discuss why they chose a their answer.

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