Monday, September 2, 2013

It has been FOREVER!

     So really it has been since March that I last posted!  I just couldn't seem to catch with my life when March rolled around.  There was too much testing, evaluations, DESE portfolios had to be done,  goals needed to be complete, both my boys were playing baseball and doing everything else in life! So here I am in the blogging world attempting to start out with a BANG! 
     Over the summer I was able to meet with my teammates where we created units of study for math and ELA for the whole month of September, which made the beginning of the year really feel a little easier.  My district started school on the 20th of August and the students started on the 21st,  YES that's right in Massachusetts we started in August.  We are the only district in the area that started this early.  We also have gone extended hours with our students as well.  We will be going to school from 7:30-3:30 and let me tell you that it definitely is taking some time to get use to the longer hours. 
     OK enough ranting!  I am still teaching kindergarten this year.  The kindergarteners do not have to stay the extended hours, however we will be offering tutoring after school for students that could benefit from it.  I am working on getting parental permission for my students pictures to be on my blog.  So for right now I will am uploading the before pictures of classroom and will take more photos this week to show the after picture of my classroom setup. 

Here are the cute treats I gave out to the students on the first day of school!  You have to love pinterest!

Jami and I (year 2) on our 1st day of school waiting for the kiddies to arrive!

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