Saturday, February 16, 2013

On our 1/2 days we do many things (awards ceremony, Positive Behavior System (PBS) activity hour, 12:00 pm dismissal) so I try to fit in as much academic time in between these activities as possible.  This week while blog stalking I noticed on Time 4 Kindergarten, ,this teacher had this great idea for her 100th day, so I adapted it for my classroom.  We didn't actually get to put all of the numbers on the graph like she did.  I wanted too but there simply wasn't enough time.  I am going to try this activity again with only half of the numbers.  Here is what the activity entailed.  Students were paired up into duos and then they had to hunt for all the numbers 1-100 in the classroom with a 100's chart.  When they found the numbers they had to fill in the square on the chart. It was amazing to hear all the buzz in the classroom about numbers.  Students were making connections with the hundreds chart. They were noticing how all the threes were in the same column, some noticed that the 10s were all at the end.  At this point I didn't think anything could surprise me but someone did.  A child that was recently diagnosed as developmentally delayed stopped and said "hey there are numbers everywhere", prior to this event she was very confused with numbers and letters and she even went around the room repeating all the numbers and contributing to her partnership.  It was such a proud moment for her!  

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