Saturday, February 16, 2013

Photos from Valentines Day and 100th Day

Last year my son's teacher sent these home with the kids (thank you Mrs. O'Leary).  I thought they were the cutest thing ever so I saved his and told my students this year all about them and they said they too wanted to make them for their parents.  The center was super easy oak tag cut out for each student and precut tag for (I Love You), and then tin foil.  So cute and not teacher directed either.

Students had precut hearts and they placed them into the top of a copy paper box cover, they picked two colors of paint and then they shook the boxes to roll marbles around to create fun looking hearts.  Students added glitter to the paint before it dried.  Below is the finished product!

Students had precut hearts made from coffee filters.  They used markers to color the hearts and then they used eye droppers to watch the water absorb into the coffee filter and mix all the colors together.
Idea originated from:

Here are the finished products:

At the end of the day we also celebrated with goodies but I was way too busy at the moment to capture any photos.  What do you all do for this day?


  1. I'm so glad you did this. I hope your kids had fun with it. Thanks so much for linking back! Now I'm distracted from my work because I want to look around your blog. Jodi @

  2. All this blogging is new to me! So I am learning the ropes as I go. I do know that if someone borrows an idea that they should most definitely get recognized for it. I have learned that borrowing ideas is a technique we all need to utilize and that it is the best form of flattery. Thanks for checking out my blog. I am in the process of posting more, this is my only time to get everything in!