Thursday, February 27, 2014


This is actually how I ended my February vacation.  I slipped on black ice and this is the reason why I have all this time on my hands to update the last five months in kindergarten.  I am resting and hoping for a speedy recovery!
February is such a crazy month.  This is the month you get back into the swing of things and then there is another vacation and we have so much to do during this time.  In February, we had 100th day celebration, Valentine's Day, snow storms, and much much more.
Here are my teacher friends and I praying for a snow day.  So we got together the night before and did a snow dance.  These range from kindergarten to 8th.  We did get our 1st snow day the next day.
The next photos are of conversation heart graph sort.  Not many students showed up to school that day because it ended up snowing again so it was a low key day.

Celebrating our 100th day of school!

Creating our 100th day snack with 10 different items!

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying .....

Our 100 steps took us to the cafeteria.

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