Thursday, February 27, 2014

Let's UPDATE October

Trying out our dramatic play!!

The next photos show students participating in activity hour!  This is part of our positive behavior reward system that we have in our school.  Throughout the month students have to caught displaying positive behaviors and they earn stamps and if they earn enough stamps they get to participate in extra fun learning activity.  This month happened to be a classroom based activity hour.  Teachers get to choose what activity to do with their classroom.  I choose to make playdough with all the students who earned activity hour.  The other students who did not earn activity hour had to work on other things.  When we were finished with making playdough the students got to play with it and then take it home.

Also in October we had the New England Aquarium come to our school and the students learned all about animals that live in tide pools.  They also were able to experience touching the tide pool animals.

I first read a story of The Little Orange House.
It is an interactive story in which you cut
piece out of an orange paper and it turns
into a jack o lantern when it is complete.

Learning all about Pumpkins

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